Your Guides in One Place! is the guide of guides: an open resource made by Beirut DC and partners to help Arab filmmakers make great socially and environmentally engaged films that reach audiences in every Arab city and the world

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Beirut DC is constantly working with partners and allies to offer a full circle of support to independent Arab filmmakers. is an open resource that we are happy to be contributing to the industry.
We have partnered with experts and allies to create the content of these guides, and we would like to thank them for their hard work and insight. We continue to learn a lot from Irit Neidhardt, Greener Screen, Regenerate Hub, Heinrich-Böll, and the whole team of the film Costa Brava, Lebanon.

We see the guides on as a map to help independent Arab storytellers start their filmmaking journey. 
The Yelo guide offers an exhaustive list of regional and international funds to which Arab filmmakers are eligible to apply.
The Blu guide lists organizations that can ally with socially and environmentally engaged films to help those create a real impact.
The Green Guide is a step-by-step system of deep green solutions that you can integrate into your next production.
As for the impact field guide, created by Doc Society and translated into Arabic by Beirut DC, it is a tool kit that allows putting films to use in order to make a change and to create impact campaigns.

These guides are meant to be flexible tools for storytellers to use however they see fit. Nothing is set in stone, and adapting to what serves your films and causes best is key.

While visitors have unrestricted access to information on, creating a free account allows users to save their favorites and find them easily later. will also be regularly updated to cover the whole of the Arab region.
Please let us know if you'd like to be listed in any of the guides.
Your opinion matters to us, so please don't hesitate to contact us with feedback and ideas.

The Impact Field Guide.
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